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October, 29th 2015 – Thursday

Now our last day in Indonesia began. We got our transport to PGI and arrived there at 9:00. We had two very interesting hours in a meeting with the board. About that we will write in our report.nice.


in the meetingroom


the page from the Gutenberg bible


groupfoto – a must


our friendly support from the reception desk

Surprisingly we got some food after the meeting. Today we had Javanese food. Somehow different. How can fish be so dry – it lives in the water?





Later a bus brought us back to the guesthouse. Now we got one hour till we head for the airport. Our flight is scheduled fo about 19:00 to Singapore. Ther we will have about 90 minutes to get to the right gate. That is not too much when one know how large the airport is.


Jakarta airport


Singapor airport


Then it will take long 12 hours to reach Frankfurt. About 6:40 we will land there and then all go home. „and it happened that way“


It has been a very nice time although it was exhausting. We met many nice people and had very good impressions. I am very thankful for that.

Thanks God for this nice time, thanks for your shelter and thanks for blessing us.



October 28th 2015 – Wednesday

After Breakfast we got carried to the office of PGI.


reaching PGI

After some introduction we got some overview about the structure and fields of work (women and children).





Krise Gosal presenting

There we met Krise Gosal again, who I know now since 2000 or 2001 (brainproblem).The whole meeting took place in a very good and open atmosphere. We had some presentations with questions and answers.






seminary grou photo

After lunch they showed us the offices and also in a seminary about HIV/Aids which just was ended.


group photo at PGI

What a pity: the sight seeing to the old harbour did not take place because of limited time – sunset is here at about 17:30. Therefore I now sit here and write.






Later we’ll meet for dinner in a restaurant close by.



October 27th 2015 – Tuesday

In the early morning I sat at 6:00 on the terrace in front of Wale Oikumene and had a coffee. 20 minutes later I witnessed 20 seconds of nice rain, the first one on our stay.
At 8:20 (plan = 8:00) we went to Manado.


packed suitcases








landed on Jakarta domestic







After one hour we could take our nice rooms in the guesthouse of PGI.
In the afternoon we drove/sneaked/queued to an area where lots of huts offer antiques.



Dinner was taken in the restaurant of the guesthouse.







October, 26th 2015 – Monday

We had a service with administration people at 9:00 in Tondano Centrum, freetime after that and a farwell party in Wale Oikumene in the evening. It was the plan! Originally!
It became: Service till 11.30,


the provost’s sermon


Ady with group members


me and some ladies


group photo







invitation to a lunch at Tondano lake by the mayor of Tondano district.


on the lake



hot fish





A short break after that to pack the suitcases and start to got to Manado for the farewell party at 17:00.


farewell pig (young one)


women’s power





The party could have its own story. A little earlier than midnight we came back. Short night!! Sigh!!!


October, 25th 2015 – Sunday

The services with the pastors from the group were held this time all in Manado. Because of the problem with my feet I did not join the group. I had my duty in Wale Oikumene at my laptop.
The response from the groups were different. Ilka Friedrich was asked to baptise a child and hesitated a little because it is difficult to baptise when you don’t know the language. But it ended as a wonderful story because the whole congregation felt honoured.
Erika Mohri was an active part in the confirmation in “her” congregation and she reported about a very emotional and wonderful service, which on the other hand lasted quite long.

In the evening we had an invitation to Will Roeroe (together with Martin Hindrichs one of the founders of this partnership) and we met there some well known faces. It was a great evening with interesting talking and also the “newcomers” were integrated well.


Willi Roeroe


indonesian food with Vonne’s Pizza


Group photo with Willi








Ejodia and me













October, 23rd & 24th 2015 – Friday and Saturday


the resort huts

One and a half day on the island Bunaken on a coral reef. That was again very nice. Although it was the first time for some of us. On Friday we went to two different sites for snorkeling. Brilliant!


boat people




mounting the gear

In the evening we got some music performed by the local band. Fun for all.



in the night







Saturday we went to another place in front of Bunaken and got guaranteed we would get sea turtles to see. It happened that way. At the edge of the reef it was fairly deep, about 60 m. There we watched lots of fishes in different sizes, forms and colours. That was very impressive. They came quite close to us.


corals on the reef


following the turtle


who’s that?

But the currant was very heavy and we had our struggle to swim forward. After that we all were quite exhausted.


the rest

When we left the island we had strong wind and high waves so it wasn’t a calm ride. But we arrived save.
In Manado we were invited to a coffee in “Jemaat Sentrum Cafe” from Debby Momongan.

Late in the evening Roselien arrived in Wale Oikumene – she made it. Hallelujah!



October, 22nd 2015 – Thursday

The 2nd part of the seminary took place in Manado (Gereja Sion).


people arriving

The audience were mostly women from GMIM and Sinode AM. Our group presented the remaining three parts of the seminary subject “women and men in church and society” from a German perspective.


women mounting the poster








After the presentations and the group photos we got a very good dancing group to see. Very, very good!
They performed a 2nd time after lunch.


great variety of indonesian food


group photo with dancers


dancing group








That was then followed by some shopping activities of the delegation and some dinner. The invitation came from Daglan Walangiten and we met some of the teachers there too.


meeting the teachers







October, 21st 2015 – Wednesday

A day of sight seeing.


the reception hall






Meeting at 09:00 in Kantor Sinode. Real start was then some time after 10:00. We went via Sonder to cafe in a small town. We had coffee and some tasty bakery.



im Café


the service


From there we visited the cemetery of the missioner Schwarz in Langowan.



in front of the cemetry


Schwarz (in white)


locked in










Then we went to Bukit Kasih (hill of love). There the five official religions have a monument and one house each to show how they live together in peace. It was very sunny and hot there.


Bukit Kasih monument






After a long drive on the country side we reached the tondano lake. We had a good early dinner or late lunch in a restaurant above the lake.


stakes in the lake


one of the fishes


the group




kankung – delicious






October, 20th 2015 – Tuesday

The first part of the seminary started today in the “aula” of Kantor Sinode.


the aula is prepared

The audience was very big.


fairly crowded


how wonderful

About 250 people wanted to take part. Some were pastors from the area and most were students from the theological faculty of the university Tomohon (Bukit Inspiracy). The latter got credits for showing up. Unfortunately the acoustic in the room was quite bad – at least for me and my hearing aids.
The presentations of Dr. Thonipara, Dr. Mohri and Elke Stein went down very well. The peek were the discussions in groups. It got fairly loud in the “aula”.


Lunch in the room to the lokon

After Lunch we had to fulfill several requests for group photos.
Then Provost Dr. Schuetz continued the presentations with his part in Indonesian.

At the end we got some words presented from the groups before.


one group photo of many







October, 19th 2015 – Monday

In Kantor Sinode we got welcomed by church president Dr. Sumakul. Provost Dr. Schütz and Dr. Thonipara provided some small gifts from the group.


Church President of GMIM Dr. Sumakul


the small gifts


part of the delegation


the other part








group photo


Dr. Sumakul expressed their concern about the actions of the right wing (PEGIDA) along the increasing number of refugees in Germany. He offered to start a discussion together about this, because they’d have a broad experience in receiving moslem in Minahasa. There were some other subjects, one of them was the offer from Dr. Thonipara to start actions together to bring the pilgrimage of justice and peace into real live.






the market


on the coconut: Ilka Friedrich and ….


…. Christine Peter

Before lunch we went to Tomohon market. That is always an impressive sight seeing.





After lunch in Vale Oikumene the group was brought to „Danau Linow“. That is a small lake where sulfuric steam comes out of the earth and the water. It proves the volcanic underground.
In the evening we met for a little dinner in Wale Oikumene. (no pics yet)

October 18th 2015 Sunday

Today the group got separated to 6 different churches. Each of the pastors had to preach in on of 5 churches and Drr. Hein Arina took the 6th church. Whenever needed with a translator.

Dr. Klaus Volker Schuetz        Indonesian       accompanied by Christine Peter
Dr. Johny Thonipara                Indonesian
Elke Stein                              English and Indonesian
Ilka Friedrich                           English           accompanied by Beate Muellerheim
Dr. Erika Mohri                        English
Joachim Schuh                       Indonesian       accompanied by H. and H. Runkel

I accompanied Dr. Hein Arina to a parish in South-Minahasa. There was an exchange of pastors due after 4 years of ministering. Dr. Arina took this service as a member of the church board. The church was packed full including the side room.


the church from my view between the elders


the Church from outside

Dr. Arina’s preaching was quite emotional and with a lot of gestures. He got the attention of the audience and he managed to get them laughing often. There was a lot of praying and singing in the service – as usual. Close to the end of the service I had to give a short speech about the partnership and me. I did that on German, English and Bahasa Indonesia. After the service I was the object for many photos with different people or groups, before we went to the parish hall for eating.


the parish hall during lunch

There were three rows of tables full with wonderful food. People stood crowded and ate and talked. There were happy and the room was hot. On the way out of the room we hat to accept many photos with different people and I had to shake uncountable hands: Selamat hari minggu.
The way back was another 2 hours for about 75 km.

But is was a nice time in South-Minahasa.



October, 16th & 17th 2015 – 18:00 (indonesian time)

The way to North Sulawesi is very long.
Out of bed at 6:30; 7:00 items for the bath and hearing aids not to forget. Breakfast at 7:20; drive to Ingelheim station. Train is 10 minutes overdue. Meeting the group at Singapore Airlines counter
One problem: Roselien Rehfeldt’s passport is missing 14 days on the 6months-period. She is trying to get that fixed and follow the group next week. We are crossing fingers.


service in the chapel of the airport

Check in at 11:50 in an A380-800. A big machine. How comes they can fly? The flight was smooth and relatively silent and on schedule. But the seats are still not made for me!


our route on display


the A380-800

On Singapore airport we had to take a bus to get to the right terminal and gate.





on singapore airport


the Silk Air machine

Three hours later we took off with a much smaller plane and a little delay to Manado. The food on the flight was bad but the flight was quite ok. When we reached Manado visa, baggage, customs and changing money went fine. We were welcomed by a small delegation .


welcome on Manado airport

Dr. Hein Arina did not want to show up with big delegation nor flowers nor children choir. He knows what it means to travel that long.
The transport from Manado to Tomohon: 2 hours bad roads and uncountable construction areas. Accomodation for 6 people in wale oikumene, which got renovated very nicely. Four others stay in a guesthouse and Beate Muellerheim lives in a family in Tomohon.
Later that evening – after shower and changing clothes – we were invited for a lunch in „Green Garden“ – very good.


planning the Sunday services


just before dinner

After that we went back to vale oikumene for a short meeeting about the services on Sunday in the different churches. Then a jump to  the beds. After about 32 hours nearly without sleeping we kind of fell into sleep.



Thanks to God for a good protection.




October 13th 2015 – 15:24

In our guestroom there are piles of stuff waiting to be packed in my yellow suitcase. Today I got an email from Joachim Schuh, stating that we might have to expect long brownouts in Minahasa. Because of the long dry period the hydroelectric powerstations do not work – no water in river nor in barrier lake. Plus in Manado are the ACs running due to the extreme heat. So we have to pack some torch light.

Another preventative way to get enlightened!



Volcano Lokon close to Tomohon


September 16th 2015 – Heading towards our journey – slowly!

We had our first meeting with the whole group at July 4th. We got information about culture, people, seminar, food, accomodation and medicine. At the meeting we also gave the subjects out to different members or subgroups.
On Friday, September 25th will take place the 2nd meeting of the group. Subject will be the subthemes of the seminar and how we plan to present. In addition we will get some facts for the travel and some pictures of the last two visits.
Our journey is planned to start at October 16th. At the 27th we will then fly to Jakarta to have a meeting with PGI (more about that later). From Jakarta we’ll fly at the 30th via Singapur back again to Frankfurt.
We will promote the information about this blog widely some time before we start. You’ll be invited to follow and – if you like – to add some  (hopefully friendly) comments to it – this will be possible a few days before the take off. 
With warm greetings Helmut Lohkamp (for the partnershipgroup)


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    By telling us about your experiences with them I will be able to share the visit of my group with them and with you. Therefore please write down all what happens during the visit
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