Fadly in Germany (english version)

updated: 2014-07-08


Mainz is a beautiful city with a great history, it was Roman Catholic before.After a long period of time protestant came in and Mainz got divided in Roman Catholic and Protestant.So there were some of the former Catholic churches then used by Protestant because of no Catholic Congregation in that Church.

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I was really excited to hear the history of christianity in Germany especially about the Protestant and about Marthin Luther.So I went to Worms to find out the explanation about it. I found a monument with Martin Luther and friends.Then I continued to see the beautiful Cathedral in Worms with Mr Warneck and his wife Heidemarie.

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First time I arrived and stay in Mainz Germany it was a Winter time.I was realy excited to see snow, but this year was quite different than the previous winters – winter without snow. But I was lucky because I found snow on Feldberg Mountain, Oh I was realy happy because that was the first time in my life.

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